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Your knee is one of the most important and strongest parts of your body, and it needs to be healthy in order for you to move about freely and to support your weight. If it's not functioning, you can't do most of your everyday activities. This reason alone makes many people turn to a chiropractor for help. If you are looking for a chiropractor to provide relief for your knee pain or issue, we can help with knee decompression therapy in Jacksonville IL.

Understanding Knee Decompression Therapy in Jacksonville IL

Knee decompression therapy is a treatment based on the patented Knee On Trac therapy system. The entire process usually takes about ten minutes or less to complete. Your chiropractor will have you sit with your leg stretched out in front of you at a distance that feels comfortable to you. A strap will be placed on top of your upper thigh, while an inflatable cuff will be placed below the knee, completely securing the leg.

With this therapy, the joint space between the thigh bone and the shin bone is slowly separated. Once this area is separated, a sort of vacuum effect is created inside of the knee area, allowing more fluid loaded with nutrients to flow into the space created. This makes it possible for the ligaments, tendons, and surrounding muscles to stretch more easily. The whole process helps the knee to have more cushioning space as well in the joints, helps patients regain range of motion at the knee joint, sends essential blood supply to the knee, and promotes healing the tissues.

Knee Issues That May Benefit from Knee Decompression Therapy

Several types of knee complaints could benefit from knee decompression therapy, such as arthritis, the natural degeneration of the knee joint, sprains, strains, torn meniscus, and osteochondritis dissecans. Once your chiropractor has confirmed that there aren't any serious underlying issues, he will be able to begin the therapy for you so that you can heal soon and improve your mobility.

During and after your treatment, you should be able to experience remarkable results. If you are dealing with knee pain or conditions, let our team help you. Reach out to us today to book a session with our chiropractor.


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