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If you are suffering from muscle pain that cannot be addressed through over-the-counter medications or massage therapy, perhaps it is time to consider Active Release Therapy in Jacksonville IL We are happy to offer this effective treatment option.

What Is ART in Jacksonville IL?

ART or Active Release Therapy is an innovative approach to soft tissue damage. This procedure encourages whole-body wellness as it improves the mobility and functionality of your soft tissues. Active Release Therapy has been proven very effective at restoring mobility and relieving pain.

Active Release Therapy works on the premise that when your soft tissue is damaged, your mobility decreases, and your pain increases. When soft tissue is damaged, it creates adhesions. These adhesions prevent the soft tissue from moving freely. When the tissue cannot move freely, we experience pain.

ART focuses on breaking up these adhesions so that the tissue can move freely again. These adhesions are broken up by applying specific pressure on one contact point, the adhesion, while the other surrounding muscles are moved in a specific motion. This pressure and counter movement actively break up the adhesion over time.

Establishing Whole Body Wellness

In order for your body to operate at its peak performance, your soft tissues need to be able to move freely. When these soft tissues are affected your activity levels drop and your entire system is affected.

Establishing free mobility in your soft tissue will bring you closer to your goals of whole-body wellness. In addition to ART, getting regular exercise will also help your soft tissues operate at their best. Although many people consider exercise to simply be a means of weight loss or weight maintenance, daily exercise is crucial to your overall health. Exercise should include cardio, strength training, and stretching. Stretching is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your long-term mobility. You should incorporate weekly exercise workouts into your fitness routine to get the best results.

The food choices that you make can also affect your overall wellness. Be sure that you are not eating foods that would worsen inflammation issues if you are already experiencing soft tissue pain. These foods include sugar, refined carbs, and in some cases alcohol.

What to Expect at the Chiropractor

When you first visit your chiropractor they will evaluate your overall health and specifically evaluate the areas that are causing pain. This will help them to establish an ART treatment plan for your specific health issues. If you would like to set up your evaluation, contact us today!


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